The emphasis for companies in a turnaround mode is generally on sales. Achieving as much top-line revenue as possible becomes a singular focus, especially when the new ownership is lead by non-operational investors.

The revitalization of a company through a turnaround effort is a perfect opportunity to hit the “Reset” button as far as the collection and analysis of marketing analytics go. For instance, the company’s web presence will probably need to be overhauled to reflect refreshed messaging, a new approach, and new management / ownership. This is a great time to see if the analytics the site is throwing off are complete, or if they should be re-thought to ensure the relevance of target type and the effectiveness of user follow-through methods.

We recently initiated a new analytics package for a company that is in a turnaround mode and found that over 47.6% of their site use – not visits, but use as defined by hitting two or more pages and filling out a form – came from mobile traffic. On the surface this defies logic, for the company is not a “tech / mobile / lifestyle” company. But there is was, in plain numbers that anyone could see. Most tellingly the click-through rate on the company’s ads from a mobile device were almost twice that of clicks from a regular computer.

We had some pushback earlier in the project from management on a site mobile-optimization program because of limited time and financial resource. At first, this made sense, but when we looked at the data, we went back to re-suggest that the site’s mobile optimization program be made top priority. There wasn’t much of a discussion; the data told the tale.

From both a marketing and operations standpoint, web analytics mean more than who came and who saw. When set up correctly web analytics help paint a more complete picture of a customer’s intent, their willingness to work through a process to achieve a goal (or, more tellingly, not), and how frequently a customer wants something during a time of day that might seem unusual. It is a key part of the whole marketing analytics portfolio, and it is worthy of dedicated focus.

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