What We Do, We Do Differently

Most of our clients have needs that combine several different disciplines. Sometimes a client needs fast action to effect a critical change. Other times the client requires a complete “from the ground up” solution to help bring their company to life. We break down our services into digestible, measurable tranches customized to the company and its situation. Our work products are delivered in alignment with your company’s milestones by a principal who takes an ownership-level approach to making sure that everything is done right.

Technology Management

• Email & document management / collaboration systems • Inventory systems • Simple & complex CRM systems • ERP systems

Web and Interactive Development

• Mobile-optimized site redesigns • Mobile app design & development • E-commerce system design & development

Audits and Assessments

• Web site audit • Enterprise system review & assessment • Marketing program review & assessment

Marketing Program Development

• Product line rationalization • Social media strategy & management • Email marketing program design & management • Marketing team building and mentoring

Corporate Positioning, Branding & Communications

• Strategic assessment and redirection • Brand development and revitalization • Reputation management • Trade show, advertising and communications design

Governance and Compliance

• Current-state audit • Documentation review • Milestone calendar management • Performance monitoring

Most of the major changes in business today are happening at the intersection of technology, marketing and issues surrounding operational compliance. SetUpOperations supports ownership and management by assuming responsibility for these areas and ensuring their proper management and execution. The company’s leadership can then focus on the base business knowing that the rest is under capable, experienced guidance.


* - SetUpOperations does not act as your lawyer, but provides compliance and regulatory consultation to management and works collaboratively with your legal counsel.