Helping to Make Transformations Happen

is what we do best.

SetUpOperations believes that the success of any business is determined by how it manages transformations. We have developed both a simple 4-step process and a unique approach to pricing and budgets that combine to ensure maximum success for our clients' transitions and transformations.

Listen & Engage


Assess & Explore


Define & Deliver


Review & Optimize


With each client we apply a unique prioritization and balance to our services to ensure that the project gets what it needs, not just what we can bring it. We strive to deliver exactly what the company requires, at the right pace and for the right duration. This is how we can be the most effective partner to management, ownership, and transitional leadership.


On Budgeting

When we considered how we wanted to work with our clients, one of the first realities we decided to tackle was scope creep. Many great relationships sour over the misalignment of the initial request, the actual need, and the budget.

Scope creep isn’t always bad management. In some situations scope creep is simply evidence that the opportunity for improvement is even greater than originally recognized. Sometimes scope creep happens because the project team – both sides of the table – starts thinking outside the original brief. We don’t think anyone should be penalized for thinking.

On top of this, nowhere is it more important to stay within the budget than for a start-up or for a company in a turnaround situation. Clients on the edge of a major transition cannot afford to see capital evaporate without identifiable ROI.

In response to all this we offer our clients a monthly subscription model with a minimum quarterly commitment. This gives management and the project team the room they need to fully address the opportunities at-hand. The subscription rate is determined by you and us, in partnership, based on your requirements and goals. The out-of-pocket costs for regular, standard client visits are included in the monthly subscription. And daily check-in calls are always free.

For clients who require a fixed-fee or an hourly not-to-exceed plan, we can also happily do that.