Why SetUpOperations?

The intersection of technology and marketing is where SetUpOperations and our sister practice HealthOperations live. Having evolved from being two distinct supporting departments to combining into being the single most important driver in business today, technology and marketing are where the challenges and opportunities reside for start-ups, turnarounds, and stable businesses, alike.

Investors, principals and owners alike can realize significant benefits from the thoughtful, creative, competent application of technology and marketing. That’s where SetUpOperations comes in. We help Owners and managers to focus on their core businesses while we provide expert attention and implementation to get the job done.


Selected Case Studies


Start-up E-commerce – Marketing, Technology & Operations

Dates: 2006-2009
Back Story: Ownership wanted to leverage their specialization in global product sourcing to become principals in the creation of an online lifestyle e-store.
Activities: Strategic planning; operations planning; marketing consulting; e-commerce site architecture and technical leadership of an off-shore web development team. Management of online operations post-launch for 9 months (3 quarters).
Outcome: Six months after handoff the principals received an unsolicited bid from a French-based competitor in the e-commerce lifestyle space. The entire asset base and operations were sold 6 months later at a multiple on the top range of industry norms.


Online Marketing Agency Application Redevelopment Plan

Dates: 2013-2014
Back Story: Ownership had acquired the assets from a defunct online community/contest company. After a few years of growth using the purchased assets they needed to overhaul the model and technology to reflect consumer behavior patterns.
Activities: Competitive analysis including development of a comprehensive set of metrics against which the 10 closest competitors were evaluated; detailed inventory of existing application including technical assessment of the codebase. Based on this a strategic plan and brand roadmap were created, including staffing and brand positioning. Provided project management of initial codebase improvements, assisted with evaluation of new candidates for tech positions in the company.
Outcome: Handoff of relevant documentation to management and new technology leadership, company continues.


Gift/Promotions Company Acquisition Due Diligence

Dates: 2008
Back Story: Potential equity investors were exploring the purchase of the leading single player in the gift/promotions space.
Activities: Assistance with due-diligence focused on marketing assets, position of the brand, and technology infrastructure.
Outcome: Handoff of relevant documentation to potential investors from which they based their investment decision.


Multi-division Precision Machining Company Start-up Consulting

Dates: 2008-2010
Back Story: A team of experienced investor/operators pursued a roll-up/acquisition strategy to build a leading player in the market.
Activities: Managed development of the brand, managed design & tech development of launch-stage web properties, supported the integration of existing technology infrastructures.
Outcome: Assisted in the identification and on-boarding of a full-time marketing consultant to support operations. We still provide consulting and some support services as requested.


Textile-Industry Turnaround

Dates: 2013-Ongoing
Back Story: An investor/operator purchased the assets of a struggling operation with a historically recognized brand.
Activities: Marketing consulting, brand consulting, assistance with asset valuation & closing. Providing operations assistance including ERP specification and implementation, web-based sales system, SEO/SEM. Development of sales strategies and processes.
Outcome: Currently in progress.